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Our goal is to foster a love of gymnastics through progressive instruction, positive experiences, and leadership. In our gymnastics program, kids safely develop a foundation of skills, improve balance and coordination, and have fun. We offer classes for toddlers, preschool, foundational, recreational and all USAG competitive team levels. Here are some of the gymnastics programs we offer:


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For this program, we offer opportunities for children to explore various body movements in a fun and safe environment for both adult and child to experience together. 



Our preschool classes offer a gross motor exploration to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and self-confidence in a positive and fun environment.



We offer a progressive series of classes created for the beginner to the focused gymnast wanting advanced skills in a non-competitive environment. In our step-by-step approach, your child will develop fundamental gymnastics skills, flexibility, strength, and confidence.



Proficient gymnasts ready to commit to a higher level of gymnastics. The “Spirits” competitive team is comprised of USAG levels 2-10 and all Xcel levels. Team members work on developing skills, conditioning, and dance and offer opportunities for growth in a safe, enthusiastic and motivating environment. The impact that being part of a team has on an individual lasts a lifetime. Acceptance to the team is by invitation only. Contact our Gymnastics office at 715.952.9365 or email